Valentine Flowers: True Expression of Love!!!

Valentine Flowers

Flower and love go together. Thefragrance of beautiful flowers creates mood. As flowers bring the true essence of love with deep feelings enchantment within two hearts. These tender creations of nature acts as the tokens of love and are as communicative and as persuasive as words, these gifts of nature express the deep down sentiments. Certainly, Flowers are considered the best medium to convey warm emotions to that special someone on the occasion of celebration of love - Valentines Day!

All flowers are beautiful and you cant go wrong with flowers. Red Roses denotes love. There are meaning of other flowers too. However you should choose the color based on your and your valentine taste. This symbol of love depends on your feeling.

In 1700 Charles II of Sweden express love with Red roses. There is a mention of flowers, roses in Kama sutra and other ancient books too.

Red Rose have been traditional to express love. However if you have been presenting roses to your valentine, why not try Pink, Dark Pink or Peach roses.

Tulip, Lily, Jasmine other other flowers to use for expressing love friendship

Say it with Flowers.............

Here are recommendations to Pick the Right Valentine Flower!!!

Flowers symbolize different emotions and feelings. One therefore needs to be careful while presenting a valentine flower to loved one:

Red Roses: Love and passion
Pink Roses: Love, Friendship. Pink is variation of Red.
Peach Roses: Desire, excitement.
Dark Pink Roses: Variation of Red Roses, Love.
Orange Roses: Zeal, Enthusiasm
Yellow Roses: Celebration, Friendship
White Roses: purity,
Lilac Roses: Denotes Love at first sight. Desire and enchantment
Coral Roses: Fun
Black Roses: good bye, Farewell
Tulip: Beauty
Daffodil: admiration
Camellia: thankfulness
Lily: feeling of princess
Jasmine: sparkle
Daisy: purity, honesty, Innocence
Lemon Blossom: Desire to be together, Fidelity
Snowdrop: Joy, Hope for future
Gloxinia: first sight love
Forget-me-not: True love
Chrysanthemum: True and long live Love
Ivy: propose - Marriage
Bouquet of Red and Yellow Roses: Love, Happiness and celebrations
Bouquet of Red and White Roses: Love, Bonding and harmony
Bouquet of Yellow and Orange Roses: Passion, Friendship