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How to get your ex-valentine back

 First Love

Valentine’s Day is wonderful opportunity to break any issues you have in relationship.

If things are not as lively as you would have wished – rejuvenate it.

  •             Spend time with your valentine

  •             Party

  •             Ay the 3 magical words

  •             Send her flowers

  •             Buy gift for her

However if problems are bit bigger then you need to be more sensitive. He/she should not feel that you are trying to compensate by gift. Be sincere and express your feeling. If it was your fault, express sorry and then take next step slowly.

Everyone behave stupid sometime in their life. If you had acted stupid in past this is time to accept it and convey this to your valentine. Every one change, improve with time. Same is true about yourself and your loved one.  Accept the blunder you have done in past.  Learn from it. Laugh and agree to move on.

If things were not well in past and you are trying to patch up, it is advisable to do it in private and not in public.  The biggest challenge is if you are not on speaking terms and can’t find an opportunity to meet, how you will convey your feelings.  Find a way to meet, if you can’t meet send him/her email, Facebook message or letter. 

Ensure that you are not intrusive.  If other person has entered in new relationship already then it is better not to contact your ex and you too should find new valentine.

If you are able to talk to your ex girl friend or boy friend and agree to meet and go on a date – great. Be sincere but at same time no need to be sad/cry over past. Accept past mistakes and then indulge in fun. Go with flow, your surrounding and atmosphere is perfect for celebration.

No matter which choice you made – contact your ex or find a new relationship – time for decision.  No point waiting until it is too late.

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