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The supremacy of listening

Importance of Listening in relationship


Most of time above adice "listening ability" is given to man.  However it is applicable to both - mars and venus.  Listening is first step for being understaning. After listening one need to be aware of expression, body language and moods.


Most of time people want others to understand what they want. It would be great if your partner can read your mind.  However his not practical.


For a successfull relationship -

  • One party should be able to communicate about their feeling, want, need, desire.
  • The other party should be able to listen, understand and able to communicate back.


Tips for listening

1. Pay attention - do not focus on TV, laptop, book, newspaper while talking to your partner

  1. 2. Listen and respond back. It should not be one way communication.
  2. 3. For difficult issues - listen and take your time to think before disagreeing
  3. 4. If there is a difficult issue that is bothering - do the crucial conversation.  Avoiding a conversation does not help.
  4. 5. Maintain eye contact while talking


At last the above skills are useful not only with your partner but with any other person in your life - parents, siblings.  Those skills are useful at work and in business too./p>




It may sound simple, but it is human habit to lose attention. To get success in personala nd business relation - practice listening and you will see the effect. It is worth doing it.


You can miss opportunities at work, learn listening skills and gain new opportunities.  However it is not worthwhile losing your partner due to listening skill.  Make it as habit.