Things to do on Valentine's day

Tings to do on valentine's day

You want this day to be special and memorable. Based on time and budget you have you can plan number of things.

Try something that give you relaxation and time together. If you drive to a far away exotic you may not enjoy very much as you would have enjoyed in coffee shop.

Romantic ideas for Valentine's Day are described here. Choose that works for you, that you and your partner enjoy

Suggestions for man - Things to do

  •  Give Flowers, Bouquet
  •  You cant go wrong if you buy Diamond. Ofcourse do not stretch your budget. You do not want to give headache to her for a month by overspending
  • Many women love gold Jewelry too. Gold Jewelry generally appreciate over time. It is good investment - both for your family and account
  • praise her, tell her she is special.
  • Go to movie or bar or club. Eat out
  • Travel somewhere for couple of days. Spend few nights away from home.
  • Gift her a web site. Yes you can buy a site for her name. Gift a website

Suggestions for woman - Things to do

  • Decorate the house. Prepare the dessert you hubby likes
  • Plan for a movie.
  • Write a note to your partner. Put it in place where he can find it as surprise.
  • Call him at work couple of times. Go to his work place and have lunch together.
  • Plan to watch a game your hubby likes.
  • Dress special - one your hubby like.
  • Gift her a web site. Yes you can buy a site for her name. Gift a website